AveoTrade Connect Manager

AveoTrade Connect Manager is hosting for commercial extensions for system of internet shop Magento. It is licence server & market place for commercial extensions. Now we support Magento 2 extensions through composer!

  Advantages for shop owners:

  • You have option to update commercial extensions directly from Magento
  • There will be no problem with tracking bought extensions, downloading on eshops and complicated implementation
  • Before you buy a package you will see the update history and decide if the extension is maintained

  Advantages for developers:

  • You do not need to have e-shop to sell your extension
  • Your customers have not to be afraid of non updated extensions
  • Sell the extension as service annually not just once

Inventory Management for Multiple Locations

Extension detail description

Short descriptionEnjoy the superior multiple location inventory and purchase order management of Megaventory! (Note: usage requires paid Megaventory account)
Extension key
Warning! Extension key will work only after your purchase of the extension and providing your server ID.
Link to supporthttps://megaventory.freshdesk.com/support/home
Link to magento commercehttp://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/inventory-management-for-multiple-locations.html
Long description

If your business relies on the Magento platform, integrating it with Megaventory will bring superior inventory and order management while keeping your products and clients synced across Magento and Megaventory over multiple inventory locations.


Inventory management:

- Multiple Locations
- Multiple Users
- Sophisticated User Permissions
- Stock Alert Levels
- Manufacturing Module
- Inventory Returns
- Tracks Supplier Availability
- Full Data Import/Export

Order Management:

- Get Sales Orders from Clients
- Send Purchase Orders to Suppliers
- Prepare Sales Quotes for Clients
- Contacts Management
- Order Editing
- Multiple Currencies
- Partial Shipping & Receiving


- Create Bill of Materials
- Allocate Components to Work Orders
- Return of Defective Components
- Full/Partial Receipt of Finished Goods
- Track Work in Process Cost
- Assign Labor Costs per Work Order
- Work Order Cancellations
- Work Order Printouts


- Inbound/Outbound Movements
- Availability Levels
- Gross Profit
- Inventory Value
- Fully Customizable
- Business Intelligence ready
- Share Reports among Users
- Drilldown Data Capable

Update history
Ver: 2.1.0-stable
Date: 19.05.2015
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* If you have valid VAT number, and your business is outside of Czech Republic, reverse charge mechanism will apply.
Developer information
Name:Megaventory Inc
VAT ID:n/a