This service is targeted primarly for users of Magento online store and for developers of Magento extensions. Magento users are usually shop owners who sell online and for their effecient activity they may need a software extensions. High quality software extensions are ususally not for free, and to be able to install commercial extensions directly from Magento using extension key, developers use our services. Shop owners are protected against non updated software by linking the Magento connect directly to the extension. This way Magento will tell you that there is new update for commercial extension available and you should do the update.

Yes! We now support also Magento 2 composer packages. Just upload the package to our system, and you can sell it to the Magento2 customers.

Add to the composer.json our composer server:

"repositories": [
 { "type": "composer","url": "http://packages.magento.com/"}, 
 { "type": "composer", "url": "https://connect20.aveo-trade.cz" }

You can do it also with command line:

composer config repositories.atconnect composer https://connect20.aveo-trade.cz

composer.json file should be located in your root Magento directory.

Then require your package.. You can do it for example by typing:

composer require atconnect/magento-two-language-sk-sk:2.*

This will add new line to your composer.json file: 

"require": {
  "atconnect/magento2-language-sk_sk": "*",

After that execute command

composer update

The composer will ask for login and password. Please use API key name as username and API key password as your password.

Merchant is person who manages the internet eshop based on Magento.

Magento Community is free open source software for online eshop. Advantage of Magento is that it is very customizable and there is many free and commercial extensions available for the store.

Our service is provided for free for merchants. Using our service they can buy licences to use extensions from developers.

For developers our service costs 10% from their revevnues. Our costs are to provide this system, hosting of extensions, and transaction costs associated with the sale of extensions.


Payment is based on issued invoice. You can issue us invoice every day, but minimum payment on the invoice must be 100 EUR or 2500 kč. We have up to 7 days for processing your payment, but it is done usually much sooner.

First, you have to buy extension if the extension is not for free. If you buy it, you must set up IP address of your server to your bought extension. If you set up this IP address correctly, your server will be able to access the extension through extension key.

If your licence to use the extension has expired, you have to buy it again.

All your purchases you can see in the menu Merchant > My purchases.

Company Aveo Trade, s.r.o. is registered in the trade registry with mark C 160902 at City court in Prague.
ID: 29025648
VAT ID: CZ 29025648
Phone: +420607867879
Address: Čs. armády 371/11, PSČ 16000

Yes, of course. We have few Prezi presentations:

For developers

For Merchants

We need the IP address of your server with which your server receives information from internet. Please note that this may differ from the IP address you access your websites.

To get the IP address, please create simple script called ip.php:


echo file_get_contents("http://connect20.aveo-trade.cz/ip.php");


If you access this script through your webserver, or run it through the console, it will show you your outgoing server IP address.

From console run: php ip.php